Welcome to Measures of Children's Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing



Measures of Children's Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing provides an essential collection of over fifty photocopiable measures to help educational and health professionals assess the psychological health and wellbeing of all children.

The portfolio contains an Introduction plus 7 booklets covering key concepts, such as Belonging, Distress, Enjoyment, Healthy Living, Resilience, Responsiveness and Social Behaviour. Each booklet within the portfolio contains at least 6 measures carefully chosen to address the range of emotional and psychological issues that children may encounter.

Full guidance is provided on how to administer, score and interpret each measure, as well as ideas for subsequent intervention. Each measure is suitable for use by a range of school staff (teachers, SENCOs, school nurses) to help identify children with the earliest signs of mental health difficulties so that appropriate referrals and interventions can follow. Educational psychologists and CAMHS professionals will also find the collection invaluable for measuring baselines and recording progress.